DRIFIRE Testimonials

We were very pleased with the two piece flight suits, especially with the combat shirt as part of the ensemble. It made wearing the air warrior armor a much more pleasant experience (if that's possible). Fit is great and quality is excellent. I hope I never have to test the fire capabilities, but if it's anything like the rest of the ensemble I have no doubt that it will be better than advertised.

Barry S., Defense Contractor

Why have I never owned a shirt like this? Wearing as an under shirt and I absolutely love it. Where has it been all my life?

Brandon B., Unionville, MI

I'm in rubber gloves and sleeves almost every day in 90+ degree weather, in a regular cotton FR shirt I'll be wet and smelly all day long. Not in this FR midweight long sleeve tee, because my arms dry out in minutes…

Brant D., Casper, WY

The moisture wicking technology was actually working as I was walking a suspect back to my vehicle after a foot chase and scuffle. I felt as if I was fresh off the lot...

David F., Portsmouth Police Officer

Having just come back from the Middle East I can say with great confidence and absolute certainty – my personal gear will always contain DRIFIRE products!


I’ve been wearing your product for months and would like to express how astounding it is. I was involved in a rollover helicopter crash. I was fortunate enough to walk away with just a minor scratch. It was partially due to my placement in the aircraft and the use of your product. The pants sustained the majority of the impact from broken metal around me and did not tear. I commend your company on great quality uniforms.

Flight Engineer Preston B., US Air Force

Just wanted to give you a brief update on the base layers. We are still here in the AOR and still wearing the product out. I've got to tell you how impressed we are with the tees. I definitely have a new favorite tee shirt. It has been constantly over 100 degrees here, which makes it 130+ on the flight deck, and the wicking base layer makes it so much more bearable; all we need to do is remove our top for a short period of time and we are dried off…They have exceeded my expectations in every area. Excellent product.

Jaime A., Air Force

I acquired one of your DRIFIRE undershirts and I wanted to compliment the design; the dropped shoulder seam is great and the cut is just right and the ultra-lightweight material is amazing…The biggest problem I am having with it is that I cannot get my daughters out of it. :) They are 8 and 10 and they sleep in my DRIFIRE shirt. I have tried to pawn my other shirts off on them (some are very well worn as I have been in the service 26 years) but they refuse. They say my DRIFIRE is the softest shirt I own. I realize that is a rather odd compliment for a fire resistant combat designed piece of gear, but I wanted to share this story with you in hopes that it will give you a smile and remind you that many of the things that DRIFIRE creates will touch (literally) people's lives in ways that you might not imagine.

Jodee R.

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