DRIFIRE Testimonials

These t-shirts are the most comfortable FR shirt I have worn…They are the lightest, most comfortable, and breathe more than any other shirt I have worn.

Scott C., Nashville, TN (FR Safety)

I wore your shirt for our Combat Fitness Test, and it did NOT disappoint. It felt really lightweight and also allowed good amount of air to get in and heat to escape.

Sgt Herman S., USMC

I wore my DRIFIRE t-shirt on the aircraft during my flight the other night and it was really comfortable and moisture-wicking. Throughout the night flight, I was sweating and the shirt performed as advertised and better than any shirt that I’ve come across yet…awesome product.

Sgt. Art W.

I was doing a land navigation out on Fort Benning…4-5 hours looking for points in and out of the bush. I was wearing your base layer shirt that day. After I was done, I took my gear off and no ****, I was actually dry! The only reason my outer layer was all wet from sweat was because I didn’t have one that was made from DRIFIRE. Your shirt worked just like you said it would.

Sgt., US Army Squad Leader

The moisture wicking properties are 1,000 times better than wearing a 100% cotton shirt in the heat. I'll never go back to cotton.

Thom K., Sparks, NV (FR Safety)

I had the t-shirt on under a flight suit and heavy vest during an 8-hour mission. My torso stayed completely dry and the t-shirt retained no odor. The shirt has a soft cotton feel. I highly recommend this product.

Tim C., San Diego, CA (FR Safety)

I am very happy with the quality and durability of this shirt. I support "American Made" products 100% and this one doesn't disappoint. I would recommend it to anyone.

Timothy S., Hobart, IN

The one-piece flight suit is awesome...I think you've nailed it on the mix between light weight and durability.

Todd P.

The biggest thing for me under high enduring, high stress work is overheating with FR. DRIFIRE's ability to breathe helps cool me down so my body temperature doesn't get too high. It's the best FR I have ever found.

Troy B., Jeffersonton, VA (FR Safety)

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