DRIFIRE Testimonials

Category: Industrial

Why have I never owned a shirt like this? Wearing as an under shirt and I absolutely love it. Where has it been all my life?

Brandon B., Unionville, MI

I'm in rubber gloves and sleeves almost every day in 90+ degree weather, in a regular cotton FR shirt I'll be wet and smelly all day long. Not in this FR midweight long sleeve tee, because my arms dry out in minutes…

Brant D., Casper, WY

If you work in the 90+F and need long sleeves and awesome wicking capabilities, then this FR shirt is a must. My company gave me a variety of logo button downs from various manufacturers, but I don't wear them because this shirt absolutely outperforms every one of them in the heat. The shirt, even completely water laden, dries superfast when ringed out or put by circulating air.

Randy, Houston, TX

These t-shirts are the most comfortable FR shirt I have worn…They are the lightest, most comfortable, and breathe more than any other shirt I have worn.

Scott C., Nashville, TN (FR Safety)

I had the t-shirt on under a flight suit and heavy vest during an 8-hour mission. My torso stayed completely dry and the t-shirt retained no odor. The shirt has a soft cotton feel. I highly recommend this product.

Tim C., San Diego, CA (FR Safety)

I am very happy with the quality and durability of this shirt. I support "American Made" products 100% and this one doesn't disappoint. I would recommend it to anyone.

Timothy S., Hobart, IN

The biggest thing for me under high enduring, high stress work is overheating with FR. DRIFIRE's ability to breathe helps cool me down so my body temperature doesn't get too high. It's the best FR I have ever found.

Troy B., Jeffersonton, VA (FR Safety)

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