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The DRIFIRE boxer briefs are without a doubt the most comfortable underwear that I own…they don't hold moisture during long flights like others.

Jordan K., Lt. US Navy

I wear the DRIFIRE combat shirt every time we leave the wire. I've worn the t-shirts as well and I will definitely say they are the most comfortable fit out of all the shirts that we have. I wore them on a mission where it was over 110 degrees and we were out for nearly 15 hours. I never once thought about the shirt, and it was very comfortable- even with our body armor on!

Josh A., 10th Special Forces Group

I have been able to test your long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts on several different deployments across the world and I have to tell you that I have not worn a more comfortable utility type t-shirt for uniform wear or just around the house wear…The breathability of the shirt itself is unmatched compared to other fire resistance shirts I have tried in the past. I will not go on another deployment without your company’s product.

Joshua B.

As helo guys, we use, abuse, and reuse DRIFIRE gear because it’s some of the best on the market. Thank you for your commitment to the military and great products.

Patrick "Ned" D., Lt. US Navy

I’ve been wearing your short sleeve t-shirts for the last few months in Afghanistan on mission and off, around camp and to the gym. The fit is great and unrestrictive. They dry quickly, they don’t smell, and there’s no visible wear.

Richard W., Army Corps of Engineers

I wore your shirt for our Combat Fitness Test, and it did NOT disappoint. It felt really lightweight and also allowed good amount of air to get in and heat to escape.

Sgt Herman S., USMC

I wore my DRIFIRE t-shirt on the aircraft during my flight the other night and it was really comfortable and moisture-wicking. Throughout the night flight, I was sweating and the shirt performed as advertised and better than any shirt that I’ve come across yet…awesome product.

Sgt. Art W.

I was doing a land navigation out on Fort Benning…4-5 hours looking for points in and out of the bush. I was wearing your base layer shirt that day. After I was done, I took my gear off and no ****, I was actually dry! The only reason my outer layer was all wet from sweat was because I didn’t have one that was made from DRIFIRE. Your shirt worked just like you said it would.

Sgt., US Army Squad Leader

The moisture wicking properties are 1,000 times better than wearing a 100% cotton shirt in the heat. I'll never go back to cotton.

Thom K., Sparks, NV (FR Safety)

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