DRIFIRE is Berry Amendment Compliant

 DRIFIRE is Berry Amendment Compliant.             

When you browse through all of DRIFIRE’s product offerings, you’ll see two icons in the upper left-hand corner of the product pictures that state “Berry Compliant” and “USA Made.”

DRIFIRE is proud to be Berry Amendment Compliant, which means all of our materials that make up our base layers, flight suits, combat clothing, shirts, pants, gloves, balaclavas and more are sourced in the United States and are 100% made in America. Our workers use 100% US sourced materials to make our flame resistant garments for military members all right here in the US, which is different than just “USA Made.” In order to be Berry Compliant, your product or project must be made in the USA and made up of materials sourced directly in the US.

DRIFIRE military clothing and combat uniforms are sewn using materials sourced in the US.                               

Introduced by Representative Ellis Yarnall Berry, the Berry Amendment requires the Department of Defense to use its funds to procure domestically produced food, clothing, fabrics and metals in 1941.

In 1994 the Berry Amendment became permanent. If your project is affiliated with the Department of Defense, you are required to be Berry Amendment Compliant with some exceptions.

All of DRIFIRE’s flame resistant military clothing and gear are Berry Amendment Compliant. Reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team with more questions or find out how to buy DRIFIRE FR Military Clothing.

If you are looking for DRIFIRE industrial clothing including arc flash protection, hi-vis workwear and oil and gas FR clothing, please visit our DRIFIRE page over at National Safety Apparel.



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