You may have noticed that DRIFIRE and Crye Precision have partnered up to create a few military uniforms. Both brands manufacture their own apparel, so why come together? And how does this benefit you? Let’s start from the beginning.

In 2008, Crye Precision was searching for a new fabric for the torso of their next generation combat shirt. After extensive research, they determined that DRIFIRE’s flame resistant and moisture wicking knit fabric blended with X-static fibers was the one. The rest of Crye Precision’s combat shirts began to use DRIFIRE’s fabric as well.

Five years later in 2013, MARSOC (United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command) discovered the DRIFIRE FORTREX® 5.5 oz. woven fabric. They were looking for a lightweight, flame resistant, and moisture wicking fabric with excellent burst strength for a new PCU (Protective Combat Uniform) Level 9 and found it in FORTREX. At that point, MARSOC was already fielding the approved non flame resistant Crye Precision combat uniform so they asked DRIFIRE and Crye Precision to expand their collaboration to make a completely flame resistant combat uniform.

DRIFIRE began incorporating their FORTREX woven fabric and knit fabric with Crye Precision’s pattern in order to manufacture a combat uniform with flame resistance. The resulting DRIFIRE/Crye Precision FR Combat Shirt and Pant combines the permanent flame resistance, moisture wicking, and odor controlling properties of DRIFIRE fabric with the customizable fit of the Crye Precision design.


Ever since this collaboration, these uniforms have expanded across the SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) community as well as the Navy and Air Force. The success brought about the development of the DRIFIRE/Crye FR Field Shirt and Pant in 2017. Both uniforms are offered in six camo patterns, have removable elbow and knee pads, and multiple storage pockets.


You may have heard this collaboration called “Cryefire” before. But remember, it is Crye design with DRIFIRE FR fabric. What could be better?

Have questions? Reach out to our DRIFIRE experts or give us a call at 1-800-553-0672.


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