When looking for field gear, there is a lot to consider. Is it flame resistant? Is it durable? Is it comfortable? Will it fit just right? Fortunately, these factors were at the forefront when developing the DRIFIRE®/Crye Precision™ FR Field Shirt and Pant. As a continuation of DRIFIRE’s partnership with Crye Precision, this Field Uniform combines DRIFIRE’s FORTREX® FR fabric with Crye Precision’s design.

Here are six benefits of the DRIFIRE/Crye Precision Field Uniform that make it the ultimate FR solution for the military and law enforcement.

1. DRIFIRE's Proprietary FORTREX® FR Fabric

That’s right. Our Field Uniform is made out of FORTREX, DRIFIRE’s inherently flame resistant woven fabric. It incorporates moisture management technology, used by the world’s top athletic brands to wick away sweat and keep you dry.

Some benefits of FORTREX include:

  • Permanent flame resistance, moisture management, and odor control that does not wash or wear out
  • Excellent tensile and tear strengths that stand up to harsh conditions
  • Superior water release rate, resulting in fast drying time
  • 5 oz. lightweight and breathable fabric minimizes heat buildup and increases comfort

Learn more about DRIFIRE fabric technology here.

 2. Crye Precision's Customizable Fit

A customizable fit is an important part of staying comfortable and focused on the battlefield. This decreases snag hazards and gear malfunction distractions when focus is necessary. Crye Precision is known for their tailored fit that enhances mobility, comfort, and protection.

Sizing information:

  • Hook and loop adjustments around the shirt sleeve cuffs and pant waistband for a customized fit
  • Shirt is offered in sizes XS-3X
  • Pant is sized at 2” waist increments for the perfect fit in sizes 28-46
  • Uniform is offered in four inseam lengths: short, regular, long, and extra-long

3. AirFlex™ Field Elbow Pads and Knee Pads

The elbow and knee pads on our FR Field Uniform offer durability and comfort, with the added convenience of removability. Our lightweight, flexible, and vented elbow and knee pads fit easily into discreet elbow and knee pad pockets. The FR Field Shirt and Pant are also designed with reinforced, shaped elbows and knees so you can wear it with or without the pads.

4. A Plethora of Pockets

How many pockets are too many? To us, you cannot have enough! With a total of 15 pockets, there is no shortage of storage on this FR Field Shirt and Pant.

Here are the pocket details:


  • One left arm pen pocket
  • Two NoProfile™ dual-access chest pockets for easier access while wearing body armor
  • Two slanted, double-layer bicep pockets with eye-pro hanger and flexible VELCRO® hook and loop closures for reduced bulk


  • Two large, front thigh pockets
  • Two lower leg cargo pockets
  • Two rear zip pockets
  • Two seam pockets, one with a dedicated knife/light holder that still allows pocket access
  • Two cargo pockets, which conceal a water bottle/magazine stabilizer in each

5. Six Camo Patterns to Choose from

DRIFIRE is proud to offer the FR Field Shirt and Pant in six camo patterns to accommodate multiple branches of the military and government.

Multicam  NATO Woodland



 6. Made in the USA

We’re not done yet. Like all DRIFIRE/Crye Precision partnership products, our FR Field Uniform is made in the USA. We are proud of our quality manufacturing and friendly customer service based out of the United States.

There is no other Field Uniform quite like this. With a flame resistant fabric that provides protection, customized fit that enhances comfort, elbow and knee pads that add durability, multiple pockets for convenience, and several patterns made to order, what more can you want? When the best is required of you, wear the best.

Be sure to check out our DRIFIRE/Crye Precision Field Shirt and Field Pant on our website or check out our product literature.

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