DRIFIRE Technology


Technology Behind DRIFIRE


We engineer FR clothing to provide continued performance and protection in extreme conditions. 


Why FR Matters

We know when you say you're attached to your favorite cotton t-shirt or poly armor, you don't mean that literally. But unless you understand the importance of no-melt, no-drip clothing, this attachment may be more than you bargained for. DRIFIRE wicking garments will not melt or drip when exposed to flame, meaning it will not fuse to your skin or cause injuries that are far more severe than burns. 



DRIFIRE garments will not ignite or continue to burn once the source of flame is removed, a problem that can lead to increasingly serious burns with other types of garments. The flame resistant fiber used in DRIFIRE garments is self-extinguishing, ensuring that your exposure to flame or fire is minimized once you’re out of the danger zone.





Comfort Meets Safety



Every DRIFIRE garment offers inherent, permanent, no-melt, no-drip flame resistance and comfort. DRIFIRE garments use the same, patented moisture wicking technology used by the world’s best athletic brands. This allows garments to dry up to three times faster than cotton and help regulate skin temperature. 









DRIFIRE technology also provides odor protection so your garments won’t smell, even after multiple wears. DRIFIRE features antimicrobial properties that help to resist the growth of bacterial odors.






Just like your favorite athletic shirts for the gym, DRIFIRE gives you high performance for the workplace with the ultimate combination of wicking and fast drying capabilities.





Layer Up or Down for Protection


Need greater levels of arc protection but still want to stay comfortable? No problem. With a full line of garments that includes ultra-lightweight to heavyweight base layers, combat gear and head protection, we’ve got you covered from head to toe, inside and out. DRIFIRE clothing comes in a variety of weights to make sure that no matter what temperature you’re facing, you’ll have the right gear to get the job done. So layer up or layer down as you see fit. With DRIFIRE, you can achieve maximum comfort and optimal protection in any situation.




Drifire for work
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