DRIFIRE FORTREX V2 FR Women's Two-Piece Flight Suit Pant

PHX4-550V-WFSP-MC-_ _ _ (Multicam)

PHX4-550V-WFSP-OCP-_ _ _ (OCP)

The DRIFIRE FORTREX V2 FR women's FR flight suit pants are lightweight flame resistant making them the best in class for safety, USA made, and Berry Compliant.
MultiCam Made to Order
OCP Made to Order
  • Fabric/Material: 5.5 oz. DRIFIRE FORTREX® V2
  • Inherent and permanent flame resistance, moisture management, and odor control
  • Capillary action, and multi-directional wicking for quick dry rates
  • Excellent tensile and tear strengths
  • G-suit compatible
  • Lightweight and durable fabric made with proprietary DRIFIRE FORTREX® V2
  • Twice the durability of competitor's fabrics (wet and dry)
  • Cool, breathable FR fabric minimizes heat build up
  • Berry Compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • DO NOT use chlorine bleach or detergents containing bleach. DO NOT use fabric softeners. DO NOT iron or use starch.
  • Wash/Laundering Instructions: Remove items from the pockets and all patches along with any excess dirt or mud from the garment. Launder inside out with hook and loop engaged. Hand or machine wash cold using mild detergents. Line dry.
  • Wash according to the instructions above to remove any contaminants in order to maintain fabric performance when garment becomes soiled with dirt, greases, oils, etc.
  • If contaminants cannot be removed after laundering, it is best to discontinue use of garment.
Berry Compliant Made in the USA
The DRIFIRE FORTREX V2 FR women's FR flight suit pant provides added comfort and flexibility with the lightweight FR FORTREX V2 material. The breathable material of FORTREX V2 satisfies your needs with moisture management and odor control. Best in class for safety, our DRIFIRE FORTREX V2 FR women's flight suit pant offers the highest level of performance on the battlefield.

DRIFIRE FORTREX V2 FR Women's FR Flight Suit Pants are made with FORTREX V2 are lightweight flame resistant making them the best in class for safety, and Berry Compliant. The women’s flight suit pants are inherently flame resistant, flexible, comfortable, and breathable. This suit provides comfort of multi-directional moisture management and odor control while having twice the durability of our competitors.

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DRIFIRE® FORTREX® V2 fabric is a patented blend of fibers within the fabric that optimizes odor control and moisture management to the highest level of performance. See more about the testing of this fabric here. .


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Featuring our unique DRIFIRE FORTREX V2 fabric, our lightweight flame-resistant Women’s 2-Pc Flight Suit rates highest for safety. Proven to perform with twice the durability while still offering the comfort of overall long term moisture management and odor control.

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