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Introducing FORTREX® V2

DRIFIRE® FORTREX® V2 fabric is engineered, patented, and a proven blend of fibers that optimizes moisture management to the highest level of performance.

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Moisture Wicking

Wicking technology, used by the top athletic brands, keeps moisture away from the skin to keep you 4x cooler.

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Lightweight & Durable

Lightweight, strong, and durable. Improved colorfastness (washing & sunlight), wash stability (garment sizing and shape), and strength are in the DNA of FORTREX® V2.

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Self Extinguishing

Self-extinguishing fabrics that won’t drip or melt when exposed to flames.

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Superior Flame Resistance

Patented fabric blend offers the most advanced flame resistance on the planet.

The Numbers
Don't Lie

FORTREX® V2 New Print Technology

We use a proprietary print method and specifically selected dyes in our coloring process. The result? The print of your garment is locked into the fibers of the fabric. This ensures less fading over time, without sacrificing the moisture management inherent in our best-in-class garments.

Wash Testing

Color change measured on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best performance with little to no change.

Wash Testing Chart

Moisture Testing

AATCC 79 Absorbency Test measures time it takes for a drop of water to wick into fabric.

- COMP A Aramid Blend

- COMP B FR Rayon Blend

Fortrex® V2 FR Women's 2-Pc Flight Suit Back Image Fortrex® V2 FR Women's 2-Pc Flight Suit Front Image

Women’s FR 2-Pc Flight Suit

Utilizing our proprietary DRIFIRE FORTREX V2 fabric, our lightweight flame resistant Women’s 2-Pc Flight Suit is best in class for safety. This suit provides twice the durability of our competitors while still offering the comfort of multi-directional moisture management and odor control.

  • Fabric /Material 5.5oz DRIFIRE FORTREX V2
  • Inherent and permanent flame resistance; tested for vertical and flashfire
  • Multi-directional wicking for moisture management and odor control
  • Lightweight and twice the durability of competitors’ fabrics (wet and dry)
  • Cool, breathable FR fabric that minimizing heat build-up
  • Articulated knee patterning for ease of movement
  • Six secure pockets positioned for easy access
  • Adjustable waist and sleeves for a better fit
  • Excellent tensile and tear strength
  • G-suit compatible
  • Berry Compliant
  • Made in the USA
  • DO NOT use chlorine bleach or detergents containing bleach. DO NOT use fabric softeners. DO NOT iron or use starch.
  • Wash/Laundering Instructions: Remove items from the pockets and all patches along with any excess dirt or mud from the garment. Launder inside out with hook and loop engaged. Hand or machine wash cold using mild detergents. Line dry.
  • Wash according to the instructions above to remove any contaminants in order to maintain fabric performance when garment becomes soiled with dirt, greases, oils, etc.
  • If contaminants cannot be removed after laundering, it is best to discontinue use of garment.
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Flame Resistant Testing

Flame Resistant or FR means that once removed from the heat source, the material will not continue to burn. This is critical to the wearer's safety, ensuring that the garment will not contribute to injury.

To ensure flame resistance, FORTREX® V2 is tested under methods ASTM D6413 for Vertical Flame and ASTM F1930 Instrumented Manikin for Flashfire.

ASTM D6413 is a vertical flame test method that determines a textile's response to a standard ignition source.

ASTM D6413 test results
Does not drip or melt.
After flame - less than 2 seconds
Char Length - 4.5' or less

ASTM F1930, known as the Manikin test, defines a standard method for measuring the predicted burn of a flame-resistant fabric. This is based on a laboratory flash fire simulation.

ASTM F1930 Manikin test results
3 Sec Exposure
AVG Undergarment Burn Prediction - 24% (2x Above passing score)

Out-Wicking the


V2 fabric features built-in performance to out-wick the competition. Engineered at the fiber level, DRIFIRE moisture-wicking technology won't wear out, even after extensive washing.

Horizontal and vertical wicking technology measures how fast a fabric will spread and move moisture over a certain distance—thereby speeding drying times. FORTREX V2 uses the same technology as the world's top athletic brands, allowing us to deliver consistent comfort to your team at twice the speed as our competitors—keeping you dryer & cooler.

Dry + cool = comfort
comfort = productivity.

Vertical Wicking

After 25x washings, time in seconds to wick 1 in.

Vertical Wicking Test Chart

Horizontal Wicking

After 25x washings, surface area water spreads in 1 sec

Horizontal Wicking Test Chart

- COMP A Aramid Blend

- COMP B FR Rayon Blend


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