How long does the flame resistance protection in DRIFIRE garments last?

FR protection in all DRIFIRE products will never wash out or wear out. That’s because flame resistance is inherent in the fibers, as opposed to treated fabrics where protection can wash or wear out over time. This also makes the garments lighter in weight.

Then, why should some DRIFIRE shirts be replaced after 50 washes?

The shirts retain their FR protection for the life of the garment, but the reflective tape on hi-vis garments does lose some reflectivity after around 50 washes. Visibility can be just as important as flame resistance when it comes to your safety.

How can I tell when I should replace my high-visibility shirt?

Poor color contrast, low or no reflectivity, and deteriorating reflective tape can render a hi-vis safety garment unsuitable for continued use. Replace a shirt when:

  • Shirt fabric is faded, torn, dirty, soiled or worn, reducing contrast
  • Tape or trim is peeling, cracked, abraded, or dull
  • Shirt is not easily visible at 1,000 feet (day or night)

Is your reflective tape FR, too?


Do added logos and embellishments need to be FR?

ASTM F1506 allows non-FR trim and logos as long as their size, location and design do not increase the potential extent of an injury. Review NFPA 70E 130.7(C)(13)(d).


How should I wash my DRIFIRE garments?

Can I use bleach when washing my DRIFIRE garments?

It is not recommended. Bleach may cause the color to fade on DRIFIRE garments, which can reduce contrast and visibility. (Bleach will not, however, interfere with the FR protection of the fabric.)

I’ve got a stain. What will help remove it?

No different than standard wash detergents and laundering techniques. Be sure to launder as soon as possible, as the longer a stain sets, the more difficult it may be to remove.

Can I use insect repellent on DRIFIRE fabric?

It is not recommended, as some insect repellents are flammable, offsetting some of the effectiveness of our FR technology.

Do DRIFIRE garments’ colors fade?

DRIFIRE fabric has extremely good color retention—the color of the inherent FR fibers DRIFIRE uses does last longer than that of cotton—but the color of any fabric will eventually fade over time.


Where can I purchase DRIFIRE garments for myself?

DRIFIRE currently works through distributors nationwide.

For corporate, military, or international purchases:

At this time, you can't purchase products directly from our site.

What sizes are available?

Every garment product page on this site includes a sizing guide. Click on the chart for the garment type in which you are interested. If you don't see a sizing guide or size chart, please contact us or call us toll free at (866) 266-4035

Do you offer layer testing?

Yes. See the latest DRIFIRE Garment Layering Guide

For more information about layering options, please contact us.

Why are inherent FR garments expensive compared to treated fabrics?

The raw material costs for inherent flame resistant fabrics are higher than for typical cotton work wear topically treated for flame resistance. In addition, all FR clothing must be tested and certified to ensure protection and performance, which also adds to the price of the final garment. This can be offset, however, when you consider the potential longer life of the garment and its FR protection.