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What you need to know about industry best practices for safety.

What FR compliance means to you

Keeping your team in compliance with all of the latest FR safety standards does not mean sacrificing comfort. At DRIFIRE, we’re dedicated to not only providing high performance FR, but helping the industry stay current with safe work practices recognized by OSHA. See what the latest standards mean and how DRIFIRE products act as important safety measures.


NFPA 70E is the standard for electrical safety in the workplace. While these requirements are actually voluntary, OSHA usually considers NFPA to be the industry standard bearer. NFPA 70E was written — and is frequently updated — at OSHA’s request to help electrical and oil & gas industry professionals identify risks and be prepared for potential hazards.

Compliance with NFPA 70E helps prevent injuries and casualties due to:

  • Electrocution and shocks
  • Arc flashes and blasts

DRIFIRE products are uniquely designed and manufactured to be a vital part of your business’ compliance with NFPA 70E and to provide you the comfort you need to be productive all day.

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NFPA 2112

In order to ensure flame resistance, garments must be designed, manufactured and tested according to very strict standards. NFPA 2112 FR clothing helps protect the wearer from being exposed to and seriously injured by flash fires. And, while compliance with the requirements is optional for employers, OSHA considers it a best practice.

Being a leader in designing garments for workers in the electrical utilities and oil & gas industries, DRIFIRE specializes in NFPA 2112 clothing that is proven to help keep you compliant.

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PPE categories 1, 2, and 3

Depending on work conditions, workers need to wear varying levels of protection. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) category levels (formerly known as Hazard/Risk Categories or HRCs) were developed by the NFPA to provide guidance on what level of FR protection and protective fabrics are needed for different tasks. The PPE Categories are:




CAT1 4

1 layer, including FR pants and shirt or FR coveralls

CAT2 8

1 or 2 layers, including FR pants and shirt plus cotton underwear

CAT3 25

2 or 3 layers, including FR shirt, pants and coveralls, plus cotton underwear OR two FR coveralls and cotton underwear

DRIFIRE manufactures high-quality FR in all three PPE categories. See them all here:

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OSHA frequently provides new guidance on safety standards and laundering updates.

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