Comfort and Performance Dressed to Protect

Safety should never be compromised when you have a job to do in the most hazardous environments.

Our comfortable FR wear offers a full line of tough, fire resistant clothing engineered to protect you from potential dangers without sacrificing work efficiency on jobs to be done in the harshest of environments. Our protective clothing is engineered using innovative technologies that deliver benefits like permanent flame resistance, protection from arc flash, hi-visibility, moisture management and drirelease® technology. Our FR clothing line ranges from the ultimate protection of combat-ready ensembles and flight suits to ultra-lightweight base layer shirts and bottoms for everyday wear.

You can count on our FR clothing to deliver these important fabric and design features:

  • Permanent flame resistance built into DRIFIRE fabrics
  • DRIFIRE self-extinguishing fabrics will not melt or drip when exposed to flames
  • Our performance oriented fabrics feature wicking properties that effectively move moisture away from skin
  • Fabrics that dry significantly faster than cotton to keep your body temperature regulated in hot or cold conditions
  • FR clothing that has antimicrobial properties to control odor
  • The full FRC clothing line encompasses a wide range of fabric weights and designs, from undergarments to outerwear, that can be layered to increase protection and allow you to work across a wider range of conditions while maintaining comfort
  • Our full line of arc-rated clothing ensures compliance with workplace HRC requirements
  • High-visibility, ANSI-certified comfortable FR wear meets safety recommendations with exceeding comfort

We create and manufacture FRC clothing for professional, occupational and volunteer service in military, emergency, industry and civic duty, enabling these personnel to work as safely as possible in potentially dangerous situations. From soldiers serving our country in the line of duty to police officers who keep our streets safe, and for workers in electrical, utility, manufacturing and other situations where fire and other hazards occur, DRIFIRE protects those on the front lines. Our FRC clothing products are durable and long-lasting, built with an assurance that safety and comfort will persist in even the toughest conditions.