BORN ON THE BATTLEFIELD and ready to protect those who serve, DRIFIRE is passionate about developing and manufacturing high-quality military uniforms.


USA MADE military uniforms from DRIFIRE are designed to withstand, protect and perform under the amount of pressure and stress that military members face from the base to the battlefield in any service.

In 2007, two marines were killed in Afghanistan when a roadside bomb exploded, melting their polyester undergarments onto their skin. The Marines approached DRIFIRE with their problem - Soldiers need a high-performance, moisture wicking fabric with flame resistance in the brutal, desert climate.


Since then, DRIFIRE has continued to engineer inherently flame resistant military undergarments that provides potentially life-saving layers of protection to the individuals who protect us.


All of DRIFIRE's military garments are BERRY AMENDMENT COMPLIANT.




TECHNOLOGY used in DRIFIRE FR base layers provides permanent, no-melt, no-drip, FLAME RESISTANT protection, antimicrobial properties for ODOR CONTROL , advanced wicking technology used by top athletic brands for comfortable MOISTURE MANAGEMENT, and inherent FR PROTECTION.








THE DRIFIRE TEAM serves your team on the battlefield.
We’re passionate about what we do and are honored to serve and provide protection to military heroes.










Find out How to Buy DRIFIRE FR military gear, contact our customer service team or sales team, or learn how to become a distributor.


If you’re looking for DRIFIRE’s industrial line of arc flash clothing, FR hi-vis and oil and gas clothing, visit DRIFIRE’s parent company National Safety Apparel or see more at DRIFIRE Industrial.

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